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Carlton & Company helps nonprofit organizations -- nationwide -- develop successful fundraising programs to reach the right people and produce remarkable results! Carlton & Company has conducted capital fundraising for new buildings, transformational spaces, and revitalized communities. Our approach integrates leadership, coordination, energy, hard work… and gives you proven fundraising tools to make real progress on new or long-awaited projects.

Whether large or small, iconic or start-up, our nonprofit clients improve fundraising and increase major gifts across the board. Our proven approach helps gain critical seed money for nonprofit organizations of all types: colleges and universities, private schools, foundations, hospitals, zoos and aquariums, community service agencies, churches/dioceses, camp and conference centers, and museums.

Today, nonprofit fundraising thrives on major gifts, annual appeals and capital campaigns. However, today’s shifting fundraising environment can frustrate even the best of the best fundraising professionals. With intense competition for major gifts, and with nonprofit development staff turnover at all-time highs, your organization needs fundraising counsel to provide you with best practices and real solutions that work.

Mission critical: Make the call

Every year, thousands of non-profits decline or even disappear. Others thrive in the most unlikely places. What makes the difference? We can show you. We have spent two decades assisting senior executives, governing boards, and development professionals. We know best practices, and we know how to tailor them to your organizations's unique identify and mission. Call us today for a private, no-risk conversation.

Limited staff and budget? Save Time and Money

If you have a traditional capital campaign on the horizon, allow us to visit as early as possible with key guidance to reduce time and resources needed to complete feasibility studies and Fundraising Campaigns. 

If you are "planning to plan" and considering a Request for Proposal (RFP) or similar capital campaign start-up, we can visit and offer solid touch points to provide a firm foundation. 

Schedule a Cost-Effective Three Day Site Visit

Request a 2 Day Fundraising Appointment

Allow us three days to visit -- not only at the start of a capital campaign, but when staff positions may be vacant and contribution numbers lagging.  We will  listen to your needs and challenges, examine your unique donor base, and help develop a moving-forward strategy that works! 

We can make a modest investment pay big dividends! Give us three days together, and we will demonstrate how quickly our proven fundraising strategies can provide results! 

Learn more about Carlton & Company’s commitment to philanthropy and what it can mean for your fundraising.

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